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2017 - Today


StrawPoll.com is the international version of the popular StrawPoll service to drive further expansion. Even if the survey pages seem simple, they are anything but small house numbers with currently around 6 million visits per month. Those who want to get to the bottom of the phenomenon are welcome to take a look at strawpoll.com.

2015 - 2023


StrawPoll.de is a simple tool to conduct short surveys. After entering a question and suitable answer options, the survey can be published via a short link or distributed to specific participants. Try it out and start your own survey on strawpoll.de!

2014 - 2017


Launched in September 2014 as a service combining livestreams of professional Dota2 tournaments with statistics, the project has quickly attracted over 15,000 daily active visitors. The quarterly so-called "Dota 2 Majors", each with $3,000,000 in prize money, and "The International", held every summer with up to $20 million in prize money, attract around 500,000 simultaneous viewers, a statistics-interested portion of whom watch on dailydota2.com.

2010 - 2016

Siedler Online® Wiki

A small project on the side that happened to become a success. The Settlers Online®, a browser game of the well-known PC game series, is still in open beta, but still over 150,000 visitors a month find their way to my Settlers Wiki. There, with the help of experts and Settlers veterans, every newcomer and casual player is helped with words and deeds. More tools are planned on SiedlerTools.de, but we will wait until the official release of Die Siedler Online®.

2008 - 2015


The name GameStats.org was created by the internationalization of War-Riders.de. Shortly after that, however, GameStats for Spaceinvasion and for Ikariam were developed and published exclusively under the name GameStats.org. Within several years, this allowed me to build a good name internationally for sophisticated gaming tools. At its peak, Gamestats.org had over 250,000 unique users, over 1,500,000 unique visits, and over 5 million PIs per month.

2007 - 2015


With War-riders.de the first public website was created in October 2007. The statistics tool for OGame.de became a complete success after only a few months and was soon exported to France. Exports to England, USA, Spain and Poland followed soon after, where the site was popularized under the name GameStats.org.